Frédéric Perdreau et Odile Chanut publient un article dans la revue Managerial and Decision Economics

Frédéric Perdreau a co-écrit avec Odile Chanut, Magali Chaudey et Muriel Fadairo un article dans Managerial and Decision Economics, intitulé : Contract Duration and Contractual Learning: Evidence from Franchising Networks.

Référence : Perdreau, F., Chaudey, M., Chanut, O., & Fadairo, M. (2017). Contract duration and contractual learning: Evidence from franchising networks. Managerial and Decision Economics.


Contract duration in franchising has generally been studied in frameworks where agents are assumed to have a high level of foresight. We complement existing studies by adopting a dynamic perspective that allows us to introduce a learning process in choice and adjustment of contract duration. On the basis of French panel data (1995–2003), collected from the yearbooks of the French Federation of Franchising, results of dynamic models are consistent with the existence of a learning process in the capacity to design appropriate contracts. Our study shows that certain factors, in particular too much franchising, may hinder the achievement of such a capability.