Laurent Vilanova publie un article dans la revue European Management Review

Marais M., Reynaud E. & Vilanova L. (à paraître), CSR dynamics in the midst of competing injunctions: the case of Danone, European Management Review.

Abstract: This study examines how firms manage competing injunctions for CSR across time. We first develop a theory of CSR dynamics that accounts for the idea that a firm’s actual CSR (what the firm does) and its professed CSR (what it says it does) (i) depend on both internal injunctions (a firm’s identity orientation) and external injunctions (stakeholder demands) and (ii) are not necessarily constant over time, i.e., there might be discernible phases of CSR. We illustrate our theory with a longitudinal case study of Danone, a French food-processing company. We show that in the midst of conflicting injunctions, Danone adopted a multi-phase strategy that consisted of proactively managing opponents in the short term to better impose CSR in the long term. During the different phases, decoupling actual from professed CSR was a key instrument to maintain organizational cohesion.