Emilie Lanciano, Alexandrine Lapoutte et Séverine Saleilles publient un article dans la revue Systèmes alimentaires / Food systems

Résumé : The Food Justice Movement is a grassroots initiative now reaching public, political and academic spheres. Our purpose in this article is to explore how do these organizations manage to solve the coexistence of food justice imperatives and economical ones in their business models. Thanks to a qualitative study, we propose a framework to understand the diversity of business models that take in charge the food justice issue, and a typology of business model for food justice.

Référence : Emilie Lanciano, Alexandrine Lapoutte, Séverine Saleilles, What business models for food justice?, Systèmes alimentaires / Food systems, 2019, no 4 (parution le 04 décembre 2019)